Rainy days are for your thoughts

Lately, I’ve been stressing so much about what my future holds. Trying to decide the rest of my life in just a few weeks sure adds a lot of pressure to things, especially with deadlines in mind. But, today is a new day. I went to bed last night thinking “I am going to refresh my mind and start today on a good note, give my mind a break and think about something else.” So, I had an interesting dream.. and I’ve been thinking about it all morning, because I had one similar the night before. It’s as if someone I know who has recently passed is trying to send a message. However, the only message I’ve gotten so far is to keep your loved ones close. No matter how busy life gets, how much you think you have to focus on one particular thing and nothing else, just think about all the people that have ever made a positive influence in your life. You don’t have to speak to them everyday, but make sure they know you still care, and you always will. That you’ll always be there for them no matter where you’re at in your life.. & that if anything were to happen to them, you would drop everything to make sure that they are alright.

So, as my mind was wandering and thoughts were pouring out, I eventually began to think about people I’ve lost contact with, who I used to be so close too. It made me wonder, how can some people just completely cut someone out of their life when they’ve played such a big part? I’ll never understand this. Each and every person I have ever been remotely close too has taught me a valuable lesson, and I couldn’t imagine if I hadn’t ever met them. How have I impacted their life? What would my life be like today? I just don’t understand the hatred. Maybe I’m just not a hateful person but I could never cut someone off who I had complete faith and trust in at one point in my life. I understand there are certain circumstances, but I’m not talking about those. Just think, what if something were to happen to that person that has done so much for you in the past, and would still likely be there for you if you ever needed them? What would you do? …How would you feel?

Just know this, if you’re ever thinking about someone, and wondering if they ever think about you, if you once made them happy.. they are definitely still thinking of you.


2 thoughts on “Rainy days are for your thoughts

  1. I love your blog! You’re a such a great writer. I can actually relate to all of this right now. I’m so glad to see you blogging 🙂


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