A ‘Brand’ new view

Russell Brand has come a long way in understanding this life. Whether you like him or not, agree or disagree with his beliefs, the man knows what’s up. As I’m beginning to learn more about spirituality, I can’t help but agree with pretty much everything Russell say’s in this video. You don’t have to agree with everything he says, but I can tell you he has definitely done his research. He basically divulges all the information I’ve come to learn about and expresses his thoughts so effortlessly.

This video shows clips of multiple interviews he has done, and I am grateful that he is sharing his knowledge, trying to make a change for the better.. for the people. I am relieved to see that some celebrities are conscious and that they are using their celebrity status to advocate for people to open their mind’s to new ideas. Sadly, it’s like marketing. When a celeb is involved people tend to bring more attention to the subject and look further into the idea being sold. Otherwise, it’s just some crazy person whose “not all there.” So here’s to the possibility that one day, we may all achieve that higher level of consciousness and live life to the fullest.


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