“For those able to read it, nature is an open book”

Warning: this is a long post but if you have the attention span, you may be intrigued by the end (I hope).

In that last year or so, I have realized my love and compassion for nature, which is why I am trying to pursue a future which involves healing through the use of natural medicine. I believe, the fact that I had started spending more time outside rather than being cooped up indoors sparked my admiration and appreciation for the great outdoors. As a child, I would spend my entire day playing outside. Building snow forts, or obstacle courses with my parent’s work equipment, climbing trees, just using my imagination.. there were endless possibilities when playing outdoors. But most of all, I still remember they way I felt within nature, and it was amazing to feel that way again after so many years. I mean, sure I have been outdoors a lot since I was a child.. snowboarding, laying out by the pool- well, doing any summer activity possible because we only get about 4/5 months of it here! However, I never actually took the time to just explore in nature- take it all in, like I did as a child.

My friends found this really cool spot here in town a couple years ago. We went there and walked all through the woods, had a little picnic by the mini-waterfall, and walked some more. It was pure bliss. Ever since, I have made it a goal to get outside and experience that peace and serenity regularly. I would take walks by myself through the little nature trails we have here, one of them had a huge pond with a little bridge to get over the stream, and the rest of the trail was right in between tons of trees. When I’m alone is when I really feel connected, as one with everything around me. My mind races with thoughts and ideas about what life is, and what life would be without the beauty of nature.. heaven on earth, and why I feel such a deep connection with certain things.

Side note: I feel sorry for children today who spend the majority of their time indoors being over-stimulated with technology, but I won’t go into that now. Today, this post is dedicated to the wonderful creation that is just outside my window.

What sparked my interest in writing this post was the idea “As above, So below,” suggesting the map of the heavens is the map of the earth, if you can understand the heavens, you will understand all the workings of all things on earth. I am currently reading “The book of Alchemy,” by Francis Melville (my bf is infatuated by this stuff, he likes to analyze everything, which inspires me)- that is what I will be referring to throughout the rest of my post. First, I am going to provide you with a little background so you understand where I am coming from. So this idea, “as above, so below” from the book suggests that the solar system can be seen as a single body and that the planets are the vital organs of the body. (This is where my love of nature and medicine come in). Each planet possesses it’s own unique qualities and is believed to represent “consecutive stages in the unfolding and development of the world,” which also resonate within us. Basically, its is beneficial for one to understand astrology, and it’s impact on the environment we live in including ourselves.

So for example, let me tell you about Venus (because I’m a Libra and that’s Venus’ zodiac sign- along with Taurus). Venus is the planet of love, the muse of art, friendship, and music. Venus is a mediator between opposites, striving for harmony.

“Venus rules important organs and functions within the human body, including the kidneys, the inner sexual organs, blood and cell formation, and the sense of smell.”

This book explains the many attributes of each planet including it’s “healing plants” in addition to the body parts/functions, mental functions, and malfunctions that correspond to it. So, ultimately when a person becomes ill, it represents a weakness, or imbalance, of certain energies. Therefore, their corresponding medicine should be made from a plant ruled by the planet that corresponds to the body malfunction. Using the example from the book, consider a patient with heart disease, “this reflects a weakness or imbalance of martial energies, which may also be indicated by a blood problem.” Therefore, the corresponding medicine would be made from mars (hypertension- associated with heart disease, is one of it’s malfunctions) such as nettle, or iron- one of Mars healing plants, and it’s metal. This is one reason I believe conventional, pharmaceutical medicine doesn’t work for everybody. Each person is uniquely different; what may heal one person, may not heal another. This is why I also believe that natural and pharmaceutical medicine should be integrated, if anything, not one or the other. It is not necessary to treat absolutely everything through ingesting unnecessary chemicals which can be avoided, and it’s not good for the soul!

I understand that there have been developments and advancements in using natural ingredients in the medicine cooked up in a lab that have had profound effects. I also understand that there are risks in using only particular natural ingredients outside of the plant as a whole, and that there are chemical components of pharmaceutical medicine with no functional purpose, but that’s a whole new debate.

Paracelsus was a physician many years ago who believed in medicine and alchemy. He helped pave the path of homeopathy. He believed that nature was a conscious, living force with the ability to engage directly with anyone whose heart and soul were open. This is what alchemy is (if you weren’t sure and were wondering by now): “the ability to identify with something on the most intimate level, allowing both to be all they can be.” There are many definitions of alchemy, this is just one basic understanding. In their education, naturopathic doctors will come across the “Doctrine of Signatures,” created by Paracelsus, which explains how you can basically read nature. Paracelsus even created a series of alchemical processes for making medicine that he called “spagyric.” So basically, alchemy used to be a huge deal back in the day, but it has been pushed back on the shelf and left untouched for many years due to modern science.

I am not saying I believe in everything that I have talked about, or will talk about on this blog for that matter. These are ideas that are new to me and I am mostly presenting them in order to gain perspective. What I will say, is that many people believed in spiritual practices long ago, and the many benefits that individuals gained from connecting with their spirits. Not many people (that I know anyway) will tell you they’ve full-heartedly practiced yoga or meditation and did not feel at peace once they’ve finished. One last thing if I haven’t lost your attention by now- if I haven’t sparked your interest even a little into further researching these ideas, I hope I have at least inspired you to go outside and really feel a connection with nature. I promise you’ll feel better when you do.

Thoughts and opinions are welcomed!


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