Vibrational Healing

I found this article very interesting so I thought I’d share it.

It elaborates more on frequency and physicality with a medicinal approach, elaborating primarily on Dr. Royal Rife’s work. In the 1930’s Dr. Rife created a frequency generator which was said to cure 1,000 patients with “incurable cancer” using vibrational medicine. My favorite part of the article is this statement:

“If you have two tuning forks and you knock one of them to get it vibrating, you only have to hold it near the other tuning fork for it to start vibrating, too. The vibration frequency radiates from the source to all objects around it, causing those objects to vibrate in harmony with the source. This is essentially what the portable Rife and the MWO machines do, too: it broadcasts a high energy healing frequency , entraining your mind, body and even the physical space around you to a frequency that’s more in tune with healthy vibrations.”

Some more relatable articles that I found interesting:


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