What’s your motto?

(This is totally my motto.. in addition to, simply: “Do what makes you happy, for you’ll be criticized anyway”)

(Although I don’t know whether this is totally glum, or optimistic?!)

..And right before I saw this I was just pondering.. because I saw an angry facebook status about how much everyone sucks and how the world should just end. Here’s my thought: I agree the majority of mankind is hopeless. That being said; that’s why you 

should only focus on the part of humanity that still has hope, and only surround yourself with positivity. If there are negative people in your life, get rid of them. You don’t need them. Keep the ones that make you feel good about yourself. If you’re reading this thinking, “well no one makes me feel good about myself” just focus on something that makes you happy about mankind. The kindness of strangers, compassion, & I know this is totally cliché, but love. The power of love goes a long way, seriously. We had a patient today who went bat shit crazy from anti-depressants (that’s the hypothesis- I know right, That awkward moment when your anti-psychotic med’s make you psychotic when there was no “major” concern in the first place). This was a totally normal guy, no issues, had a wife and two kids, was depressed at times, but aren’t we all nowadays? So he’s put on some meds and BAM! Next thing you know he’s acting schizophrenic. Seeing people in his room- sometimes they were his friends, sometimes they were “trying to kill him.” It was horribly sad to see a person who lived a normal life into his 40’s, whose never had hallucinations before, all of a sudden flip a switch and become a totally different person. Anyway, when his wife later arrived, suddenly all of the “other people” in his room disappeared. He hadn’t slept or ate in days (which probably didn’t help with the hallucinations). While she was there, he ate his dinner and was snoozing away in no time. As soon as she walked in the room he knew exactly who she was, he wasn’t confused anymore. Well, just a little, he still wanted her to stay and watch him sleep so he would be safe. But he calmed down. Love is strong. I’ve also noticed other patients tend to wait until their loved ones arrive before they pass away, or improve!

So what I’m saying here is, although you are going to have bad days, try and stay positive. Remember that being angry isn’t going to help, it will only set the tone for a terrible day, which can become a terrible week, which can become a terrible, or negative, life. Do you really want to live with a negative perspective? Take the time to understand certain situations, and most of all appreciate the beauty that surrounds you. If you can’t find it in people, find it in nature. “Stop and smell the roses!”

One last side note because of my love for nature- isn’t it amazing how mother nature blessed us with all of the resources that are essential for survival. I mean, even ANY ol’ doctor will tell you: the key to a healthy life is a healthy diet and exercise! Well wouldn’t ya know, a healthy diet consists of fruits, veggies, whole grains, etc… which are all found in NATURE! Not processed in a factory. So wouldn’t it be plausible to say that most cure’s for illness and disease could be found in nature? I think so. Not only tangible things such as plants, and herbs.. but things you can make tangible- like a frequency generator! Which DID exist at one point, and DID cure cancer (I talk about it in my post: “Vibrational healing: is it possible?”).

So yea, we’re all connected, all for one/one for all type deal. Therefore, we’re all supposed to be living in harmony and keeping that balance so we don’t all go bat-shit-crazy. So let’s try and appreciate life so we can raise awareness on other aspects essential to our understanding of the famous questions– “Where did we come from?” “Why are we here?”…………………


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