You’re Grounded! Root Chakra Healing

It’s a beautiful day to get back to our roots! 🙂


Our connection with self and with our surroundings, an under active root chakra will have you feeling angry, depressed, anxious, and completely unconnected with the world around you. Think about where it is located; the base of the spine. When we are seated, this energy channel is literally connected to the earth. This chakra calls for us to feel grounded and may be blocked by fear.

Before we can begin to open this chakra, you must ask yourself what it is you’re afraid of? Is there something that happened in your past that’s holding you back? It can be very difficult to bring up memories and feelings that cause you pain, but it is completely necessary if you want to move forward from a place of love.


Meditation: Begin seated comfortably in a position where your spine is erect and you can breathe fully and comfortably. Light a candle…

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