You’re stranded on an island, what 3 items do you bring? Perhaps a reality check?

I always wonder what it would be like to be stranded on an island. Not that I ever want that to happen, but.. I think it would be pretty neat to just rough it for a certain amt. of time and test out my survival skills. Maybe it’s because two years ago my favorite show on Netflix was “LOST.” My favorite show when I was younger was Survivor.. One of my favorite movies is “Into the Wild,” I like watching animal planet, discovery, and the history channel (when I’m at a house with cable).. and I love to learn simple survival tips.

I’ve always been intrigued by our ancestors past. How there was no other option but to live off the land. From making clothes, to your “old-fashioned” medicinal cocktail. It makes me proud to think of people’s clever ways to survive when they had little to their advantage. When there was no internet to solve any problem you come across, there were no telephones to just tell someone about your bad dream… not even pen and paper to write a letter. Yet people still managed to survive and simultaneously remain happy.

Back then people were highly intelligent. Some of our most important contributions to science have come from these people. There were many new discoveries. People were always using their time wisely. We really have come a long way, made huge technological advancements for the better, but I often find myself wondering if it’s all really necessary? Are we overstimulating ourselves with all of the technology we have now? I don’t think people even know how to be “simple” anymore. There’s always someone, or something to take a once simple task and make it more complicated. We are always trying to one-up each other. Always competing. What for?

I understand that it’s all necessary in order to continue to prosper, but what about simply getting to know yourself? So many people have forgotten who they are from growing up in such a busy society. One of my favorite quotes: “Who were you, before the world told you who you were?” It’s very important to clear your mind of all the stress and “busy-ness” of the macrosystem and focus on the microsystem. It’s just as important to get to know your inner-being, and connect with your spirit, if you want to feel fulfilled. You can work everyday of your life, climb up the corporate latter, have all the money to buy all of the material things you want. At the end of the day though, do any of those things really matter? Are they really going to keep you satisfied and happy.. or will you just want to keep filling that void of emptiness you’re feeling? I find that the people I know who live as simply as they possibly can, are the happiest. They appreciate the smallest things, and they ultimately live a healthier lifestyle.

There’s always that question- “If you were stranded on an island and you could bring three things, what would they be?” I would choose: 1) Mascara, 2) my phone, and 3) a lifetime supply of Frank’s Red Hot! 😉 Just kidding. Although, the hot sauce might be a real option.. that’s one invention I’m very grateful for :p I would most likely want to bring 1) A bow and Arrow, 2) A book to study different plants/poisonous insects/wild animals, 3) A companion- like a dog!

..There’s no way I could survive on my own though. As much as I like to think I could… I feel bad killing animals to eat, I would probably only be able to do it when I was desperate. I would go insane being alone. My sinuses act up and my eyes get puffy sometimes when I’m outdoors, and I’m miserable! But the biggest problem of all: I HATE bugs/insects. It’s bad. But who knows, maybe I would become friends with them if I was all alone in the wilderness…… probably not. Then there’s snakes. And bears..

So anyway, all those issues aside.. I would love to put my survival skills to use and see what I can do. It would be tough, but maybe then I would be tougher. I enjoy nature and I appreciate all it’s beauty. I would love to take it all in and experience life with a new perspective. There’s so much the outdoors can do for a person. For example- they say for people with insomnia, it is beneficial  to spend one week outdoors camping, away from all technology (cell phones, laptops, etc.), in order to reset their biological clock to bring the body back into harmony with the universe.

We have become a technology driven society. Although it may seem we are prosperous, we are really only becoming more ignorant to the importance of simplicity, leading to more mental and physical health issues than ever before. As we continue to “grow”.. we continue to leave behind vital information that is pertinent to our very being. Information that we hold within ourselves, but fail to see because of all the external chaos that we succumb to. It would be nice if we were encouraged to take a step back every once in awhile and enjoy life as it is, rather than constantly working around the clock to make ends meet. Don’t you think people would be a lot happier this way? Then we could accomplish so much more in terms of changing the way we perceive our universe in relation to our existence, unleashing knowledge that was once so important to our ancestors, but has been lost from our consciousness through the changing times. The questions you must ask yourself are: Why hasn’t this knowledge been preserved and reinforced throughout the years? Where has it gone, and how is it detrimental to our intelligence to be ignorant of this knowledge?


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