The route to bliss

Okay, so yesterday I decided that this roadtrip I’ve been fantasizing about since I was probably 11 years old is going to become a reality this summer!! Now is the perfect time to do it- I will have my application in for grad school, and if I were to get in I wouldn’t be starting until May 2016- and school has basically been the only thing holding me back all these years. SO “If not now, when?” Right?? Of course right when I decided all of this I had to go to work at my waitressing job- but that didn’t stop me from planning! I started writing down the basics of things I need to know/bring on my ‘Guest Check’ pad: Destination, places I’d like to see- short/long route, gas estimate, food est., and what to bring (essentials).

I am trying to keep this roadtrip as simple as possible, even the planning. I would like to be spontaneous and just get up and go and see where the wind takes me. But, in reality I don’t have the kind of money for that, so I need to have somewhat of a plan. See, I’m not one to plan every last detail because I feel that often leads to disappointment, and I want this roadtrip to be everything but that. I am hoping for an enlightening spiritual journey. I finally get to break away from all the worries and stresses in life for a few weeks and I am just going to enjoy what life has to offer on the road. So my question for you is: What are some major things I should be concerned about with this roadtrip/things I NEED to know and plan for? I’d like to keep things as simple as possible, I even want to sleep in my car at times and on an air mattress under the stars somewhere (no tent). 🙂

So here’s the plan: Basically, I REALLY want to go to Montana. It looks amazing there and I want to see all of it’s beauty. I could take the short route- IL, WI, MN, ND, MT. Buuuut, of course I like to make things complicated so I want to take a really long way- mostly because I have a really good friend in Colorado that I have been planning to go see as well, and I have been longing to hike those mountains with her! Plus, the long way includes all of the states I really want to see: specifically NE, CO, UT, and OR 🙂 (even though OR is sort of, kind of, really far out of the way….). Here’s the route I plan to take (minus WA, but it wouldn’t let me take it out of there).


Also, I have already been to Chicago, and Minnesota.. so that’s another reason I don’t want to take the short route on the way there, but I am willing to take it on the way back since I will probably be exhausted by then.

Here are some of the “Essentials” I plan to bring (what I quickly jotted down on my ‘Guest Check’ pad before we got busy):

  • Hygiene: Toothbrush, facewash/lotion, dry shampoo, regular shamp./cond., bodywash, razor, essential oils! (I don’t think I’m even going to bring makeup)!
  • Technology: Camera, Laptop (so I can blog about it along the way), & of course a new playlist on the ol’ ipod (or maybe some CD’s since we will be driving through mountains and losing signal) 🙂
  • Comfort: Blankets, Pillows, Air mattress/pump.
  • Other: Rollerblades**, Cooler, Books

What am I missing? I want to travel light! Obviously this is all just a rough idea of everything to come and I am willing to make changes. I would LOVE any feedback to help me out. So if you, or anyone you know has taken a roadtrip and feel there is something I should know/do/see.. PLEASE let me know! I need all the help I can get, lol.

Namaste! 😀


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