Nature vs. The city – Which do you prefer?

I took a mini vacation for a few days and returned to my homeland of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. I stayed with a friend in her apartment right next to a bar and a hospital. I had mentioned the road trip I am planning for the summer. When she asked where I wanted to go, and I replied “Well, my goal is to get to Montana.” Her and her boyfriend just stared in silence for a few seconds, then laughed and asked “WHY?!” I went on to explain that I don’t care for big cities, and I would prefer to see the beauty of nature around the U.S., they continued to laugh. I mentioned the mountains in Montana and how awesome it would be to see them. She went on to say- (Sarcastically) “Oh, you’re gonna go play in the mountains?” While looking at me like I was crazy.

SO, let me make it clear why I prefer to see the simplicity of nature rather than the ostentatious city with this list of ’20 reasons’ I prepared!



1) I’m more interested in natural beauty than artificial beauty.


2) After spending time in nature, you will likely feel a connection and a sense of ‘purpose.’ Ultimately leading to a happier/more satisfying lifestyle.


3) Learning to appreciate the simplicity of nature rather than the complexity of the city will help one to appreciate and accept the ‘little’ things in life.

flathead lake montana
Flathead lake, Montana!

4) I prefer quiet, rather than busyness.


5) Nature can leave you feeling refreshed, rather than numb and dazed from all the chaos in the city.


6) I prefer to see nature in it’s authenticity, not re-constructed by the hands of man.

nature in city

7) There are infinite sights and hidden treasures found in nature that one may never experience if they don’t step out into the world of the “unknown.”

starfish hiddentreasures

8) The city seems more of clutter and chaos. Nature is open and free.

crowded leap

9) I don’t care for the tall buildings, fashion shows, and fancy homes so much.


10) Sight-seeing is priceless, the city can be expensive. (Unless you go to a National Park, which- don’t even get me started on putting a price on a piece of land that should be appreciated by everyone)!


11) I feel like one can learn more about themselves in a calm, quiet environment where all life thrives.


12) You can’t tell me you don’t immediately feel happier when the sun is shining and you are driving on an open road where the skyline meets the mountains, or the ocean, or the land.


13) People tend to be more “themselves” when there aren’t so many people around. You are more likely to meet people that are more down to earth, and share the same interests as you in a place of nature than in a city where everyone is putting on a show.

people trying

14) There’s more opportunity for adventure when everything you do is left to the imagination. (You never know what you’ll find in the “wild”).

adventure  imagine

15) In nature, you learn things for yourself rather than becoming mesmerized by information that you aren’t sure is accurate or even true.

artsy museumsheeple

16) While nature is also complex, it can still simultaneously leave you with the sensation of peace & awe.


17) While sitting on top of a mountain, you’re more likely to think about life in general, and what is important to you. You’re not as likely to use your critical thinking skills, or delve deep into your thoughts, when walking down a city street. (I enjoy using my brain, idk about you).

Bryce 5.5 render enhanced in Photoshopcity folk

(Wolves = how I picture city folk) 😉

 18) Digging deep down into one’s thoughts allows one to get to know themselves better. It’s important to have that ‘connection’ with the ‘self’.


19) You see things in nature you wouldn’t find in everyday life. It can become an eye-opening experience.

sedona red rock

20) I’m sure there are plenty of ways to argue that this post is invalid because the city can be just as eye-opening and beautiful, and I won’t argue that.. but to me, nothing beats the mystery that lies in nature, never knowing where life will take you and what is next to come.



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