What a wonderful world?

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Is it wrong that I felt sick to my stomach when I saw these pictures? Am I the only one?

Not in a demeaning way either. Not in an unappreciative way. Don’t get me wrong, I have the utmost respect for our soldiers. Every single one of them is a hero.

-You’re heroes because you take the biggest risks in life. You literally sign your lives away, unsure of what your future may hold. Once you sign that contract, your life depends solely on your team, and.. if worse comes to worst- yourself. You think you know what your getting yourselves into, but until you become an active soldier, that’s when reality sets in. That’s when it hits you. You have to live day to day in fear. Fear that today may be your last. Fear of losing someone close to you in combat. Fear of never speaking to your family again. Fear of a situation beyond your control. Yet, despite all the fear, you stand strong and proud, ready to combat any threat to this country. You have been trained not to give up.. and you give it your all in order to keep this country’s freedom and rights that we now have. For that, I am truly grateful.

But I am also sickened when I look at these pictures that represent that reality of America.

This is something that constantly weighs on my mind; perhaps someone can help. Everything I’ve just said are assumptions based on the movies/TV shows we watch, the stories we are told, our history, and the headlines in the media. Is it ignorant for me to pretend I even know what it’s like to be in the military? Probably. It’s probably even more ignorant for me to say that: I don’t understand. Plain and simple.

I understand that it’s necessary to have our military- the ones who are willing to give their lives in case of a threat so that we (the ones who aren’t willing), don’t have to step up to the front line to fight. I understand the likelihood of these threats. I understand the likelihood of another war. What I don’t understand, is: for something that causes so much damage– not only to the individual, not just their family.. the effects of war are felt on a massive scale (obviously most damaging to those involved).. why do we continue to support war or even the idea of war? We see the pictures, the movies, the headlines, the TV shows, the propaganda.. and it’s all terrible. We all feel heartbroken at some point in the midst of chaos, but then… in order to heal our broken hearts.. we fuel up with rage. We get mad. We say hateful things. We retaliate. Being strong doesn’t always mean winning the fight. Sometimes it means walking away from it. However, before we can walk away from these feelings of hate, we must recognize where they came from in the first place. Humanity (especially after WWII) has become well aware of not only the existence of propaganda but also how powerful and efficient it can be… yet somehow we still cannot recognize when it is being used against us. Much of the hatred instilled in our psyche originates from propaganda. It is not until we learn how to identify how our minds are being manipulated that we will be able to overcome such mental barriers.

So why can’t we do this? And I say “WE” as a country.. not just our government, not just our military. Instead of thinking of ways to ‘get rid’ of our enemies, why aren’t we thinking of ways to overcome this and grow with the rest of the world? Why is it so hard for us to leave history in the past and work to try and build a brighter future? Why does America stick it’s nose into another country’s business and terrorize the one’s whom are innocent? We’ve caused mass destruction to other countries without thinking twice. We’ve killed millions of innocent people among the chaos of bombings (recent and in the past)- and I say ‘we’ because we the people are supporting these actions by ignoring them, and justifying them using the information put in the news. Sadly, I’ve accepted that in the world we live in today, someone is always going to be testing us, and sadly again, we will more than likely respond with violence because that’s all we know.. Clearly, that tactic hasn’t worked yet, so why do we continue to repeat the same mistakes? It doesn’t have to be this way. But if you can’t understand where I’m coming from, then I will just keep to myself. I will work on changing myself.. because “for every action, there is a reaction.” Hopefully, with the people willing to change themselves for the better, the world will eventually become a better place. “Society is the extension of the individual… Therefore, if the individual fundamentally changes, the world will inevitably change.” – Samael Aun Weor.

Maybe I sound totally out of line and irrational, and I’m very sorry if I’ve offended anyone.. because that is not my intention here. I simply want to know … Why? Am I not understanding something? And what we- as citizens, can do to help make things better? To make the world a little less intimidating, and a little brighter?

I also don’t mean to sound like an ignorant, “tree-loving hippie,” where I dream of rainbows and smiley faces and flying on unicorns (as if that’s what hippies do). I hope I just sound like a human being, with real concerns. I appreciate the life I have been blessed with. I try my best not to take a single thing for granted. I try to be kind to strangers, and I believe in the kindness of the rest of the world. I have respect for my surroundings. I appreciate the little bit I’ve got. And now, I am trying my best to make sense out of horrifying situations that we continuously face. Maybe someone can open my eyes to what I’m not understanding.

(Even though the video may not be real, it raises awareness of the damaging effects of war even for those not directly involved).

Either way, THANK YOU to all those whom have served and are currently in service. I will always think of the sacrifices that have been made and continue to try and live a life worthy of those sacrifices.


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