The candle and the flame

At first you have the candle. Solid, cold, hard, homogeneous.

Then you have the flame. Warm, bright, constantly changing in size and shape.

The flame touches the wick of the candle, and the two come together as one.

As the flame dances around the wick, the candle becomes warm, and it begins to melt away, giving off a beautiful aroma.

The flame of the candle acts as a source of energy in the center, allowing the candle to perform its task.

The energy dances around the wick, trying to escape, but the wick keeps the flame grounded.

Without this energy, there would be no light. No warmth. No change.

Once the fire meets the wax, the flame goes out.

The candle becomes solid once again.

Without this flame, the candle could have never served it’s purpose. It would’ve sat there for all of eternity, unchanged.

It doesn’t matter how the candle is lit. What’s important is that once lit, the candle is able to handle the possibility of never returning to it’s original state.

Hopefully, the candle will experience the flame as a necessary encounter in order to achieve it’s purpose.

So tell me, is your candle lit?


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