The goal

What happened to simplicity?

When did everything change?

Where did all these rules come from?

They came from people. Why?

Is it because we were finally brave enough to stand up for what we believe in?

Or is the bravery just part of an illusion?

A child acts out and finally you cave and give in to their irrational behavior.

The child gets what they want, and you can continue with “more important” things.

Now everyone is satisfied. So, what comes next?

Is there peace? Is there love?

Is there trust, or is there fear?

Fear from the parent that the child will act out again, or fear from the child that they may not get what they want next time? Or fear from both.. that they may not have control over a situation?

I don’t know that any of this matters.

What I do know is that… everyone’s needs cannot be met. There will never be complete and total satisfaction.

What does matter… is that we look within ourselves for the answers we want.

What is truly important to you…. what is your ultimate goal as an individual being?

I hope you find your answer along the lines of love.

❤ Happy Monday.. Stay beautiful ❤


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