Don’t let your success define who you are. It can build you up, or it can tear you down. What makes an individual successful anyway? Is it their long list of accomplishments? What if you had everything you ever wanted? You’ve achieved all the goals that you had set for yourself. Are you truly happy? Or do you find yourself wanting more? Making new goals, constantly trying to “out-do” the last? Do you feel empty sometimes? Like something is missing? What do you think of when you think of the word “success?” In the end, does any of it really matter? What will you leave behind? Where will you end up? Is your spirit free? Or has it been damaged by the constraints of your limited actions? Your materialistic desires. Have you paid any attention to your soul? Do you even know what it is made of? Or how you can connect, and how it affects your life now, and later? Is this even important to you, at all? If this is not important to you, what is?

It is important to separate yourself from the dangerous thoughts of what constitutes success. Success is an ambiguous term. Even if you confine yourself to the widespread belief that success is your functionality in society, you may feel you have failed yourself in many ways. What most people define as “success” is not how you should define it. Make your own definition, and live accordingly. It is up to you to take control of your own life, you make your happiness. If you are unhappy, walk away. Don’t be afraid to make changes. We were built for change. If a caterpillar decided to remain a caterpillar (if it had a choice), and all the other caterpillars thought that’s what they were supposed to do, they would never know their full potential. They would never transform into a better version of themselves, and they would never leave the ground, they would never discover the possibilities that await when they take that leap of faith. All it takes is recognition that maybe you aren’t living the life you desire. As soon as you realize what you want, go for it. Don’t wait.. you never know what tomorrow will bring. We created the illusion of time.. time is relative but we don’t have much, so use it wisely. Do what you love, love what you do. But never get too caught up in one thing. Because although you may believe you are doing the right thing and devoting most of your time focusing on the ‘one’ thing, you may be doing damage to what’s equally as important. Be mindful of all possibilities. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Realize what you have, and take the time to embrace it all equally. Maybe that’s what makes one successful.


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