Alright interviews! I’m ready for ya. Companies can start calling my phone aaaannnyyyy time now.The hardest part about moving to a new town and not knowing anyone is finding a decent job, or better yet.. a career. When I came to college years ago it took me my entire freshman year to find a job. I tried and tried, but 1) I wasn’t even 18 yet and 2) everywhere I applied required “experience.” Such an ugly word- experience. Fast forward 6 years to college graduation, working a part time job to get experience, and finally making the ultimate decision to take a leap of faith and leave everything I knew behind for something new, something I had hoped would bring more opportunity. And here I sit, typing on this keyboard, just passing time until something comes along. I haven’t lost faith yet. I do believe that everything happens for a reason. I’m just hoping this time it isn’t a “lesson to be learned” reason… I had a lot going for me in the place that I left. I had a decent job, with another awesome job offer that was too little too late, good friends, a love life, I knew where I could get the best deals in town, I had the hook-up at multiple bars and restaurants, I was closer to my friends and family that I had to travel a bit of a distance to see, life was good.

BUT.. for some reason, I like to make everything complicated. So I decided to take a risk, step out of my comfort zone, sail away from the safe harbor… whatever you want to call it, I did that. Now reality is setting in as I have traveled and done everything I wanted to do before finding a job and settling in my new area of residence. It’s only been a few days since I’ve been back, but I did apply for some jobs before I left, and I applied for about seven more yesterday. I am hoping one of the better ones pulls through. Ya know, it’s a little discouraging when you went through an arduous 5 years of school to get that piece of paper that says your capable of doing work.. yet the jobs you want to apply to now require additional schooling, certifications, at least three years experience and the list goes on…. maybe I’m complaining too much, but this is getting a bit ridiculous. I can’t even believe it’s reality. However, it’s not time to worry yet. So I will keep my head up, and my hopes up.. and I will take every opportunity that awaits with an open mind, because that is all I really can do. 😉

Love ❤


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