Sometimes, in order to understand a situation it’s best to walk away and come back later, refreshed.

Surprisingly, I made it back to Michigan around 1am this morning. I say “surprisingly” because 1) I was so ready to quit reality and stay in Colorado, and 2) we had a crazy storm last night that made flying a bit intense. It was pretty cool though. Flying at night is so much better. Especially seeing the sunset from up above, it is so peaceful. When looking out one side of windows on the plane, the sky was a deep blue atop a burnt orange, with an all black landscape. Looking out the opposite side, it was pitch black but when you looked down, you could see all the cities lit up. It was beautiful!

I met some cool people at the airport and on the plane as well. It was nice because we were all going back home to the same city, so it was cool to get to know some people I may run into at some point. The last half hour of the flight was crazy. We drove right into the storm, and all you could see was darkness, then when the lightning struck- you saw the giant cloud we were driving through, and the red and green flashing lights on the wings of the plane. It was like being on a high speed rollercoaster ride at some horror-themed amusement park. The turbulence was so bad at one point that there was a loud BANG, and the whole plane tilted. I thought we were going down that time, everyone on the plane screamed and held on for dear life. We continued to blaze through the stomach-dropping clouds and the lightning, and finally busted out into clear skies and landed safely. The drive home was another story- just as intense.

I had a great experience on my trip, it was something I really needed. I was feeling pretty down for multiple reasons before I left.. but hiking through the mountains and simply just being away from everyone and everything, in an unfamiliar place was an absolute necessity. Being away helped me to realize what I find most important. Rather than over-thinking and complicating things, I was able to just feel. What I felt is what I decided is important to me. I learned where my mind wanders when I gave it a rest from over-analyzing every situation. I learned a lot about myself, and others.

I accomplished most of the things I had hoped to accomplish on my lustful itch for a “roadtrip.” I became friends with strangers. I learned someone’s story. I had meaningful conversations. I was spontaneous. I maintained a healthy diet. I did what I wanted for once, by myself, and that felt great. Overall, it was an amazing trip and I can’t wait to go back! Oh, and I have to mention the friends I stayed with were the best! Their hospitality was great. They took such good care of me- making dinner, providing alcohol, driving through crazy backed-up six lane traffic to get me to the airport.. and I would be so happy to return the favor for them one day. They will be receiving a gift in the mail very shortly for being so amazing 🙂

Until we meet again, Love to all ❤



Colorado Love

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Colorado has been amazing so far. Aside from the fact that I missed my flight, therefore a day was knocked off from my trip, everything has been great! The very day I arrived we went on a hike! We’ve been all over the place exploring the mountains. It’s a beautiful place to be.

A few things I’ve learned since I’ve been here: you can’t buy beer in a grocery store, well you can.. but it’s less alcoholic. People are very friendly, they always smile and say hello. I think I’ve only ran into one person with an attitude so far in 5 days, that’s a good sign! There are a lot of lesbians out here. People are very open minded (at least in the parts I’ve been to), and they seem  down-to-earth. People in general seem to be healthier. They stay active, and I’ve noticed a lot of people are conscious of what they put into their bodies. They seem to have a deep appreciation for nature and everything it has to offer. Money isn’t the main thing on everyone’s mind, living your life the way you want seems more important. The weather is sort of like Michigan but better (one minute it’s sunshine and clear skies the next it’s a thunderstorm for about a half hr). That being said, this is my kind of living! I have officially fallen in love with the state of CO. I haven’t been many places but I can say this is by far one of the most beautiful and peaceful places to be.

One of the highlights of my trip was going to a town called Manitou. It’s a total hippie town and I loved every aspect of it! The shops, the view, the people, the person playing a washboard…. it was wonderful.

So the entire landscape is beautiful, but the part that really wins it all are the people. I appreciate that everyone I’ve met/seen seem to be very comfortable with who they are and they will flaunt their authenticity which is something I highly value. Every person is unique, and out here, people seem to be very accepting of that notion, and very proud to express themselves the way they are. I guarantee if you were to come out here and try to make a life for yourself, you would easily find your group of people that you enjoy being around, you would fit in, and you would be happy!

With love from Colorado…

The Adventure Begins!

And now…. the moment you’ve all been waiting for! Jk. I wasn’t really going to post much about this trip since things backfired and I had to come up with a new plan, but I am SUPER excited now, so a few posts won’t hurt.

A few months ago I was posting about a roadtrip I would be taking this month out west with a friend. We had a whole route planned and I was starting to ‘roughly’ plan some things I wanted to see/do. Well my friend backed out, which I sort of assumed would happen, so here I am living out the trip by myself. Oh well. I was pretty bummed at first but, life happens and you just gotta accept it and move on.

So, the long.. amazing.. super awesome roadtrip has been postponed. Instead, I have decided to take a flight to Colorado and visit a friend for a little over a week. I have never flown before, so this is still an exciting new experience in itself. I have also never been to Colorado, or out west in general. I am pumped. 6 hours until I have to wake up and drive to the airport. 10 hours until I board my flight. 13 hours until I arrive in Denver where I will meet my friend whom I haven’t seen in three years, and 14-15 hours until we arrive at her place in the springs! They have a BBQ planned for tomorrow night. Good people, drinks, and food in the mountains. Now that’s a great way to start a vacation 🙂

Next post will be from Colorado!!!!

(oh and shout out to my awesome dad for waking up at 2:30 am with me and driving me to the airport!!! 😀 )


Another Wanderlust Post.

I know, I’m sorry. But I can’t help it! I keep seeing things that remind me of this roadtrip and I get way too excited!! Today, I was pleasantly reminded by this Article: 6 Reasons Why Not Quitting Your Job to Travel is A Waste Of Your Life! I have to say, I completely agree with these 6 reasons (big shock)! Whenever I speak with an elder person, one of the things they make sure to tell me is that if I have the desire to travel (and that I should), do it now, while I’m still young. One elder couple told me of all their travels and how happy they were with what they had accomplished at the time, because shortly after, both their health went downhill and now they are spending all their time with doctor visits and health programs. Luckily, they’ve remained in high spirits and they love to share their stories!

As much as I do feel irresponsible for ditching my “normal life,” I think it is actually very necessary to gain this “Life Experience” while you still can. Then, if/when you come back to “reality” and you are sitting down for an interview with grad. school, or a new job.. you can tell them that you Continue reading “Another Wanderlust Post.”


When dreams become reality

Meet Amy!

Words can’t describe how EXCITED I am for this roadtrip! I am so happy to finally be doing this. The reason I am most excited now is because my best friend Amy will for sure be joining me! (I am still hoping our men can come too- but we will see). Amy is the most down to earth, free-spirited person I know. So no matter what happens on our trip, we are going to be loving every minute of it! We are both pretty simple people, so we want to make the roadtrip as hobo as possible. So much that, we are planning to sleep in a tent/my car wherever we stop, live off of pb&j’s (no fast food!), meditate on a mountain, stop and have a picnic under a shady tree wherever there’s a good view, she’s even bringing a cigarette lighter plug in coffee maker! She also wants to sew our own clothes specifically for this trip, and stay in jail! Lmao, when she said this I was just like…. “Jail?!” Then she went on to explain that there used to be free 2 person private jail cells that they let you sleep in out west, and that he teacher has done it. I guess we’ll see once we are out there haha! Oh and apparently we are getting tattoos. Lmao, it’s already been so much fun ‘roughly’ planning, so I can only imagine how much fun it will be once it becomes a reality!

Speaking of reality- I always feel really “irresponsible” when I tell people what I’m planning this summer. Everyone kind of looks at me like either a) I’m not actually going to do it, or b) I’m an idiot for not staying and working and trying to figure out plans for grad. school or my future. Maybe it’s because when they ask where I’m going I just say “west” and I don’t really have a solid plan with every detail planned out. But, that’s the way I’ve always been. I’m more of a “go with the flow” type of person than a planner. Besides, it’s more adventurous when you don’t have a solid, detailed plan, because you never know where life will take you, who you will meet, and the experiences you will gain if you just wing it! The mystery of not knowing the next step is the best part!

Additionally, I believe that you create your own reality, or your own happiness. If you don’t do the things you desire, you will never know, and therefore, you will never feel satisfied. Up until now I have basically followed the crowd, I have graduated from high school, then from college, now I’m working a somewhat professional job (one that you need a degree to work in anyway), I am working on sprucing up my grad school application. Then I will (hopefully) go to grad school, and get the job I have been planning for.

Now, I am breaking away from the confinements of this monotonous society, and doing what ‘I’ want for a change. I have always dreamed of traveling–  though I HAVE gone places, and those were some of the best times of my life.. I believe that now is the time to do it big (well as big as I can with a budget). That is why I am taking this roadtrip out west. What better time than now? I am young and healthy, I am ‘able’ to do this now. Because we all know, after grad school, I will be in so much debt I won’t be able to afford an aimless roadtrip, and I will have to find a career right away. Then I will be working, and by the time I have enough vacation time built up, and all the stars are aligned again so I can go with my friends, and have absolutely nothing to worry about… well, that would be a very long time from now. You never know what can happen in that time too, Amy will prob have 6 children by then! :p (she’s always wanted a lot of kids).

Come summertime, I will have a year between starting grad school- if I get in. My lease here ends in May, and I don’t plan on re-signing. I have been here for 6 years, and if I get into the grad program I want, I will have another 2 years at the least. So I think it’s time for a little change. Plus– I don’t know what my boyfriends plan is because he is trying to figure his life out too, so we can’t really decide where we are going to live until we know more. So, as of now I am potentially “homeless” for the summer. So what better way to live in your car for a few weeks than to do it traveling around the United States!

Yes, I should do the responsible thing and stay where I’m at and continue working this decent paying job that I was blessed with, so that if I do go to school here, I will still have my job. I also really enjoy this job and don’t exactly want to leave. But I feel more strongly about this roadtrip (and that’s why I feel so irresponsible when I tell people about it). However, it’s not just some crazy roadtrip where I am going to act a fool in every state (kind of). For me it’s more of a ‘spiritual journey’ I am doing this to learn more about my country, and about myself! I want to meet strangers and learn their stories. I want to confirm my belief that there is still good in this world, that it’s not as bad as it seems. There’s no better way to do this than by experiencing it for yourself! Also, as Buddha says: “The trouble is, you think you have time.”

Speaking of responsibility- I should probably get started on studying for this physics exam that’s in less than 24 hrs. Happy Monday!


The route to bliss

Okay, so yesterday I decided that this roadtrip I’ve been fantasizing about since I was probably 11 years old is going to become a reality this summer!! Now is the perfect time to do it- I will have my application in for grad school, and if I were to get in I wouldn’t be starting until May 2016- and school has basically been the only thing holding me back all these years. SO “If not now, when?” Right?? Of course right when I decided all of this I had to go to work at my waitressing job- but that didn’t stop me from planning! I started writing down the basics of things I need to know/bring on my ‘Guest Check’ pad: Destination, places I’d like to see- short/long route, gas estimate, food est., and what to bring (essentials).

I am trying to keep this roadtrip as simple as possible, even the planning. I would like to be spontaneous and just get up and go and see where the wind takes me. But, in reality I don’t have the kind of money for that, so I need to have somewhat of a plan. See, I’m not one to plan every last detail because I feel that often leads to disappointment, and I want this roadtrip to be everything but that. I am hoping for an enlightening spiritual journey. I finally get to break away from all the worries and stresses in life for a few weeks and I am just going to enjoy what life has to offer on the road. So my question for you is: What are some major things I should be concerned about with this roadtrip/things I NEED to know and plan for? I’d like to keep things as simple as possible, I even want to sleep in my car at times and on an air mattress under the stars somewhere (no tent). 🙂

So here’s the plan: Basically, I REALLY want to go to Montana. It looks amazing there and I want to see all of it’s beauty. I could take the short route- IL, WI, MN, ND, MT. Buuuut, of course I like to make things complicated so I want to take a really long way- mostly because I have a really good friend in Colorado that I have been planning to go see as well, and I have been longing to hike those mountains with her! Plus, the long way includes all of the states I really want to see: specifically NE, CO, UT, and OR 🙂 (even though OR is sort of, kind of, really far out of the way….). Here’s the route I plan to take (minus WA, but it wouldn’t let me take it out of there).


Also, I have already been to Chicago, and Minnesota.. so that’s another reason I don’t want to take the short route on the way there, but I am willing to take it on the way back since I will probably be exhausted by then.

Here are some of the “Essentials” I plan to bring (what I quickly jotted down on my ‘Guest Check’ pad before we got busy):

  • Hygiene: Toothbrush, facewash/lotion, dry shampoo, regular shamp./cond., bodywash, razor, essential oils! (I don’t think I’m even going to bring makeup)!
  • Technology: Camera, Laptop (so I can blog about it along the way), & of course a new playlist on the ol’ ipod (or maybe some CD’s since we will be driving through mountains and losing signal) 🙂
  • Comfort: Blankets, Pillows, Air mattress/pump.
  • Other: Rollerblades**, Cooler, Books

What am I missing? I want to travel light! Obviously this is all just a rough idea of everything to come and I am willing to make changes. I would LOVE any feedback to help me out. So if you, or anyone you know has taken a roadtrip and feel there is something I should know/do/see.. PLEASE let me know! I need all the help I can get, lol.

Namaste! 😀