One of my most passionate desires that is a flame waiting to burst inside of me is to travel!! So, since I have yet to do so, for now I am going to post a little about all the places I desire to go! I am so fascinated by the variety of cultures around the world, It is my dream to experience as many of them as I can. There is beauty everywhere in this world, and I am eager to enlighten my spirit by seeing it for myself!

Enjoy 🙂

–> Roadtrip –> Click to see my wanderlust, and for updates when traveling becomes my reality in June!

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Again, the sights to see in Utah are limitless! In fact, there’s so many options, and since I’m so indecisive.. I made a pinterest board dedicated solely to this roadtrip! So.. to check out all the places I desire to see in Utah.. Click here! Roadtrip 2015 Pinterest Board. Pictured above though are the top 3 I think I would enjoy most. On the left is “The Crater”- a natural wonder in Utah where it is the only warm water scuba diving in the U.S. and you can go from scuba diving to skiing without leaving the mountain! I would love to ski in a mountain in warm water… Top right is Paria River Canyon, found beside a dirt road that connects to HW 89 (hopefully we will be on that) the colors come from their encrusted minerals such as iron oxide, manganese, cobalt! And last but not least are the “Hot pods” in Utah! What better way to enjoy a roadtrip than to submerge yourself in a hot pod and take the edge off with a few drinks?! I sure hope we have enough time to hike to these! I also really want to drive on the “Highway to heaven” and “HW 12” b/c they look absolutely stunning.. and I’m dying to play in one of the many beautiful waterfalls.. which can be seen on my pinterest!

PicMonkey Collage
Okay, so I was just trying to find something that would be cool to see in Omaha, NE– one of the first states we will be driving through.. and it turns out I could spend the entire vacation there with all the city has to offer. There are so many free and exciting sights in Omaha! I could barely narrow it down. Luckily, most of the places I’d like to see are right downtown, in the same area. To the left we have the “Gene Leahy Pedestrian Mall” which includes walking paths, lagoon, waterfalls, sculpture gardens, ampitheater, and it connects to Heartland of America park. The park contains fountains with 300-ft water jet and light shows, in addition to Lewis & Clark exhibits, WWII sculptures and the “Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge”- upper right corner. This bridge is the longest pedestrian bridge to link two states- Iowa and Nebraska- which is a photo op waiting to happen when standing in two states at the same time ;), and it connects to 150 miles of biking/walking trails on each side. This bridge is 3,000 ft. long and covers the missouri river (this is where the rollerblades will come in handy). Finally, on the lower left is the “Kaneko” a FREE cultural organization where all creativity comes together including the whole spectrum of art, science, philosophy, etc.. known as an “open space for your mind.” Also- I don’t have them pictured but I would like to stop at some breweries along the way! Beertopia and Lucky Bucket Brewery seem to have the best reviews. Beertopia has way more options, but the Lucky Bucket has great prices– and you get a tour with your beer.. Although I think there is a bit more traveling to do to get to the Lucky Bucket, so we will see. Either one sounds good to me though! So there it is .. so far my rough idea of what I’d like to see in Omaha!
Here is the route for my roadtrip- which I talk about more in my post “The route to bliss” Starting this weekend I will be posting a picture each week of the places I desire to see in each state that I will be going through!
So I have always desired going to the extremes of traveling to other countries in order to fulfill my dreams of exploring the world and living a radical life. I thought that’s where I would learn the most. However, I believe it’s just as important to get to know the beauty of your own country- that, and I don’t necessarily have the funds to venture off to another country just yet. So this summer I plan to take a road trip- my ultimate destination being Montanna! I know that MT is a beautiful state, where the authenticity of nature has been preserved, and I can’t wait to experience it for myself! 🙂
Once I become rich, I would LOVE to go to India! Especially to see the Taj Mahal. We have gained so much knowledge from India’s wise and powerful figures. It is also where yoga originates and it would be amazing to be able to learn more about the philosophy of yoga straight from the source. Not only that, but Hinduism in general sparks my interest. India has a beautiful culture that I most definitely need to learn more about. Also, who wouldn’t want to ride a Camel through here?!

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